Event Initiatives

Local Involvement

Because we care about our environment and consider we’re lucky to have Polo as our playground, the Impossible Race will encourage local participation by involving the villagers around Polo Forest in various tasks, with the intention of utilizing their in-depth knowledge of the area as well as creating an opportunity for them to experience a new kind of event. These tasks will include trail reconnaissance, managing aid stations, cheering MTB athletes and cyclists at certain key points and providing required assistance to cyclists and runners both on roads and trails.

Waste Management

The organizers of The Impossible Race consider it their foremost priority to provide a clean, hygienic environment in and around Polo Forest to athletes and tourists alike. From using eco-friendly disposable plates, to conducting total removal and proper disposal of all garbage from the base camp and the entire trail at the end of the race, every measure will be taken to ensure that the natural habitat remains untouched and in pristine condition for the wildlife and forest spirits to continue their peaceful life.

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